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The Journey From “Binary” website to “”


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UI/UX Design, Rebranding


Discovery stage is important to illuminate what we don’t know and better understand what people need.

It’s especially important to do discovery activities before making a new product or feature, and do not waste efforts on building wrong things. 

I have conducted field studies, focus groups, user interviews and stakeholders Interview, to gather and understand business requirements and constraints.

I've Interviewed customer support to know about the most frequent problems and questions they hear from users was really helpful.

Variety of users are from different countries, with different rules for financial payments, which caused users a lot of problems. So it was important to study and interview countries separately.

And for last step of discovering the product, competitive testing and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in the competitors helped me to find out what users like the best.


Exploration methods are for understanding the problem space and design scope and addressing user needs appropriately.

We Built user personas and wrote down user stories. We have analyzed user tasks to find ways to save people time and effort.

User Journey

Several meetings were conducted with stakeholders to show them the user journey and where the risky areas are for losing customers along the way.

Funnel Analysis method helps identify barriers that cause users to leave before reaching a conversion point.

I Explored design possibilities by imagining many different approaches, brainstorming, and testing the best ideas in order to identify best-of-breed design components to retain.

We Obtained feedback on early-stage task flows by walking through designs with stakeholders and subject-matter experts

In the end, a card sorting session was necessary to find out how people group our information, to help inform our navigation and information organization scheme.